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PetTastics Pet Waste Removal FAQs

Here are the answers to some of PetTastics most frequently asked questions about their Pet Waste Removal Service.  Feel free to contact them at 910-292-9738 for more information or visit their website: PetTastics

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any contracts I have to sign?


No – We can start and stop your service over the phone. We do not require contracts, there is no minimum service period, however we request 3 days notice before skipping a week of service or canceling.


How often does our Company come out?


Most of our customers prefer service once or twice a week. Other service schedules are available; if you would like to know more about service more often, please call us.


We’ll work in most weather, but severe weather can stop us. Our company will usually work in the rain. A very heavy rainfall may stop us, though. We will most often be able to make up the work later that week at no additional charge.


We do not work on the following days:

1) New Year’s Day

4) Labor Day

2) Memorial Day

5) Thanksgiving Day

3) Independence Day

6) Christmas Day

We do our best to anticipate these holidays and reschedule the scoop day to either the day before or the day after the holiday.


Yes. Since employees are not allowed to climb or jump over fences, please have your gate unlocked on your service day if you will not be home to unlock it.


In most cases, yes. We get along well with dogs; however, there are some cases when a dog will not let our worker into the yard. If you know that your dog is not good with strangers, or it becomes apparent that your dog will not allow us to clean the yard, then we ask that you restrain or confine the dog.

You will not be charged if you call the company office 3 days prior to tell the service worker to skip your yard that day. If the dog will be gone from the yard for a couple of weeks, or for some reason you want us to skip your yard for a day or more, we can hold service for you.


We accept Checks, Money Orders, & Major Credit Cards. We will mail a statement at the end of each month and you should return your payment to us by the 15th of the following month.  


Your Pets keep “GOING” and so do we. Keeping up your yard all year long will help create a healthier environment for your family and pet(s).If we are unable to service your yard because of weather we will come out the following day, if our schedule does not permit that, you will not be charged for that week.

For More Info or to Sign-Up for Service CALL TODAY (910)292-9738

PetTastics also offers In-Home Pet Sitting in Fayetteville NC & Surrounding Areas!


Pet Sitter at The Poultry Festival Raeford NC

image  image image imagePetey the PetTastics Pup stopped by The Poultry Festival in Raeford North Carolina today. He managed to spend time with Raeford Police Officers, march behind parade and bring a smile to all the kids.

This is the first annual Poultry Festival which replaces the long standing tradition of The Turkey Festival. The Poultry Festival will continue in Raeford through Septemeber 19th 2015.

For more information on PetTastics or their Pet Sitting Service visit: www.FayettevillePetServices.com


What Happens During A Pet Sit

It’s just around lunch time when I arrive to Dexter and Murphy’s house!

As I pull up into their driveway these two brothers are wagging their tails happily, in one of the bedroom windows.  I gather my keys and enter their home, but before I can take my first step both rush to me showing their love and gratefulness through the non-stop licking of my face.  After we have exchanged our greetings, it’s down to business (business being playtime)! First, we head out back for a potty break. Dexter and Murphy remain outside as I return inside to check on a few things (I can keep an eye on them both through the windows). The first thing I do inside is check on their two little cat brothers Orson and Louis. They are usually just waking from a cat nap by the time I return inside. I check the house to ensure no one has had any accidents and make sure all the bowls are full of fresh water.

Next, I head back outside to play fetch, Murphy’s game of choice. Dexter prefers to sunbathe and to have me scratch his back while Murphy runs back and forth! After they have played to their hearts content we head in to get their leashes for their favorite part of my visit, their walk! The two dogs love to walk and amazingly seem to prefer a new route each day. Once we have finished walking we return inside to finish up and cool down.

Inside, the dogs kick back and it’s the cats turn. Orson and Louis love to play with their laser toy! We play with that until they get bored (as cats do with everything). I finish up the visit with treats for everyone and a home security check to make sure all doors are locked and everything has been returned to it’s proper place. Everyone gets a treat for being so wonderful and I say my goodbyes.  Mom and Dad receive a picture message update to know everything went excellent. I walk back to my car thinking, “I have the best job ever!”

For More Info on our routines visit The PetTastics Website: www.FayettevillePetServices.com


Pet Waste Removal Service Expansion (Cameron, Raeford, Hope Mills NC)

Clean Backyards For All

Fayetteville, Raeford, Hope Mills, Cameron, NC

Fayetteville, Raeford, Hope Mills, Cameron, NC

Dog owners outside of Fayetteville NC can now take advantage of PetTastics, a unique service that cleans dog waste from clients’ yards and kennels. Last month the firm’s owner Peter Hannon announced the official expansion of service to Raeford, Hope Mills, and Cameron NC.
“Business really began to grow over this Spring and it was time to bring this unique service to the new areas so that their residents can enjoy a waste free backyard,” said Hannon. Pet waste can be a messy and smelly nuisance if left in yards. Also, routine removal of pet waste is vital to maintaining the health of your family and pets. A single gram of pet waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria and was labeled a non-point source pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1991. Animal waste is the 3rd largest water pollutant.
The ‘Professional Pooper-Scooper” business was only an idea in 2007, when Hannon started his business in Fayetteville. “People have better things to do with their time,” he reasoned. He now offers his service in four cities and also offers In-home pet sitting, dog walking, and a pet taxi service in Fayetteville. With the number of household pets steadily rising having someone to help out is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. “We Are A New Breed In Pet Care,” states Hannon.


PetTastics can be contacted at (910)292-9738 or www.PetTasticsNC.com


A Friend In Need

Once in a while we all go through hardship. This is the story of Nathalie and Ruben’s sweet 7 year old pitbull named Blue. Blue is currently still in the hospital. If you can lend a hand we know Blue would be forever grateful. To donate: http://www.gofundme.com/helpbluelive


imageTo learn more about Blue’s story read below:



My boyfriend, Ruben, had just arrived home when he noticed Blue acting a bit strange. He was walking around the house with his eyes closed and uncontrollably relieving himself when he suddenly started having seizure attacks. All four of his limbs became stiff, he began howling and going into convulsions.

He was rushed to the hospital where he had suffered several more seizures. Between attacks, Blue just slept.

Bloodwork is used to detect any disease outside of the brain such as low blood sugar, electrolyte imbalances, or toxins. His test came back clean. In order to be accurately diagnosed, he will need to see a neurologist and have an MRI done to detect if there is any disease inside of his brain such as epilepsy, tumors, or infection. The vet told us it likely boils down to epilepsy or a tumor; a tumor being our biggest fear. If all causes inside and outside the brain are ruled out, he will be ruled epileptic.

The estimated cost to have an MRI done on Blue is roughly $3000. His current vet bill is closeto $2000. This does not include any medication or treatment cost that will incur when he is diagnosed. We will do everything possible to help Blue live.

I visited Blue this morning. Between 7 and 11am he already had suffered 3 seizure attacks although he was heavily medicated and sedated. I kneeled down to talk to him, pet him, kiss him, love him.. He began crying and trying to move. The vet tech said I was stimulating his senses because I am a familiar face; his comfort zone. His cry grew increasingly louder, his kicks stronger and he started lifting his head and just like that- he suffered another seizure attack. I broke down.

Ruben adopted Blue when he was only 5 months old. He was suffering from severe mange, but it was nothing good loving and meds couldn’t cure. He is now hardly 7 years old 65 pounds, and every inch our beloved pet. The love and loyalty Blue has shown us every single day for the past seven years goes unmeasured. He is the sweetest, most gentle bully you will ever meet and like every other animal inhabiting the earth, he deserves a chance to live.

In 2008 we made a commitment to Blue and that was to care for him the rest of his life. Financial hardship is not an excuse. He is our fat-butt, fatman, Blue baby, gordo, consentido… he is our family. You don’t give up on your family.

#HelpBlueLive #YoureMyBoyBlue


Pet Sitting or Boarding! Which is right for your pet?

Pet Sitting

Dog boarding and pet sitting are great for two different types of dogs. We are hear to tell you that every dog isn’t right for pet sitting, although most dogs are! Lucky for you, Fayetteville has both options! Although our boarding isn’t traditional we do offer dog boarding in your home or our home!

Some dogs and cats do just fine at kennel facilities, while as others not so much. For many pets being moved out of their comfort zone to an unfamiliar place can produce a lot of stress. Animals that suffer this stress can exhibit their anxiety by not eating and by being more susceptible to illness due to their discomfiture and the presence of other animals. Pet sitting is designed for these types of pets because they can stay in the comfort of their surroundings. Some dogs with special needs that may require more constant supervision may benefit from boarding.

A trusted, reliable pet sitter will discuss with their clients the animals’ routine so feeding, playing, and potty schedules are kept as normal as possible. They can accommodate specific requests such as medications and treats and give your pets more one on one care then they are likely to receive in a kennel where the caregivers are trying to balance the need of multiple pets.

A pet sitter will also perform extra services not related to pet care such as watering plants, collecting mail, and taking the trash to the curb. They will give your home that lived in feel even while you are away. For many pet owners this can give them an additional peace of mind knowing that their home is being looked after as well as their animals.

The con of hiring a pet sitter over boarding a pet is that it tends to be more expensive. However, when multiple pets are present in the home pet sitting tends to be cheaper. This higher cost is because the care giver is performing a more specialized service and is likely offering a full service. Kennels often charge additional fees for add on services such as walks and medications where a pet sitter will include specific routines and pet needs in their standard rate. They will also send you daily updates on your pet’s well being.

Last but not least there is the issue of convenience. When you board your animal you have to make the trip to drop them off and pick them up when you return. With a pet sitter you leave your pets and say your good byes in the comfort of your own home and are greeted with your pet’s happy faces as soon as you return.

For more information on Pet Sitting in Fayetteville NC contact: www.FayettevillePetServices.com


Quality V. Quantity (Pets have no concept of episodic memory)!

Pet Sitting

Here at PetTastics there are many things that set us above the average Pet Sitting Company! One of those key aspects is that we do not force you and your pets into a pre-packaged deal. Each and every client has unique needs and therefore a preset timed visit will not work for everyone!

We believe in Quality over Quantity! Quality is knowing that you have a job well done that includes everything you have asked completed properly. We do not charge you for time, we charge you for quality service. And why would we charge you for time? Pets have no concept of episodic memory and therefore actually have no perception of time as we do.

Our clients are grateful that they have no time limits and that we will do all it takes to ensure their pets receive the best service possible. They have peace-of-mind knowing that we are there to be professionals and exceed all expectations. Our clients will never be charged extra because time has run over.

To compare Quality vs. Quantity use your hair dresser or barber for example. When receiving this service do you count how long it takes or the the outcome of the service performed. What is really important is that you receive something that satisfies your standards. The same goes for you veterinarian. That is the same degree of service we utilize. Time spent does not equate quality service.

For more information on our service: www.FayettevillePetServices.com

CALL (910)292-9738

Written by: Peter Hannon, Owner of PetTastics


Average cost of Pet Sitting|Fayetteville NC

cropped-cropped-DogHoldingLeash.jpgPet Sitting in Fayetteville NC prices range all over the board (Drastically!). Every company determines their cost based on many different factors and not all companies are created equal. Price range and company could drastically change you and your pets’ pet sitting experience.






The following companies rates were published at the time of this article:

Black Scottie Pet Services

Playful Paws Pet Sitting

Carolina Pet Care

Ted’s Dog Walking


The average cost of pet sitting in Fayetteville is somewhere around $16. On the lower end it was about $6 and on the high end it was $18. As to what dictates what is high and low, here are some points to consider:

Do they work on a team or solo?
Do they have employees or independent contractors? The answer to this question *could* cost you a LOT of money if anything ever happened.
If they work alone, how would anyone know if anything ever happened to them?
What public figures are willing to vouch for their services in Fayetteville?
How long have they been in business?
How professional do they sound on the phone and on their website?
Have you checked out their reviews on online?
How active are they on social media? This could be a good safety net for you in case you ever needed to get a hold of them!
Do they charge by time or by service?
What do you get up charged for?

***Will your Pet Sitter be around in the future so you do not have to readjust your pet and family to a new pet sitter if they aren’t charging enough to stay in business?**

According to this research, PetTastics is slightly above “average cost.” But then again they are an above average pet sitting company who never up charges. When they give you a price it includes any/everything your pet could possibly need to receive the best care in town! PetTastics is also the only company in the area to win a national award and are one of the few companies that are veterinarian recommended. That’s just some of the reasons why they are the best!

Give Them A Call Today (910)292-9738

“I would love to talk to you more about the average cost of pet sitting in Fayetteville NC, and if we can’t help you out, I would be honored to help point you in an educated direction!” says, owner Peter Hannon.

Visit their website: www.FayettevillePetServices.com